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NaBloPoMo daily posting comes to a close

The time has come. And I made it. Yea, me! Today marks the end of my daily posting commitment for National Blog Posting Month. I have to admit, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. … Continue reading


An altar of my own

I had an unexpected hour today when a private coaching client asked to reschedule our meeting. There was plenty to do, work of varying kinds. But I chose, instead, to give it to me. And I did one of the … Continue reading

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The Lethal Toilet Seat

(This post pulled from the pregnancy chronicles.) I swear public bathrooms are going to be the death of me. Last weekend, Dean and I snuck past my pregnancy yuck to catch a movie. Before you get excited thinking I must … Continue reading


Remembering Joan Purvis

I first met my mother-in-law on paper. I was in a hospital in Colorado having just broken my back. She and Dean’s father, Ed, sent me a care package. I remember there was a teddy bear and a lovely card, … Continue reading


Message from Guan Yin: a poem for comfort

In the spring of 2002, my theater company mounted a new play called Red Thread. In it, I played the Goddess, Guan Yin (aka Kwan Yin). It was the last production I did on my feet and, in fact, the … Continue reading