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Moments of bliss with my son

Sometimes it all comes together in such seamless, joyful delight… Dean plays basketball every Thursday night, so I have a standing date with Aidan. Tonight, ball was cancelled, but Dean took advantage of the pre-arranged child care to see a … Continue reading


Speaking vs. Performing

I’m having a crisis of confidence. Again. I just got off the phone with one of my coaching clients. She is a very successful producer who is wanting to devote her time and energy to her own work for a … Continue reading

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Solstice celebration

Yesterday was the winter solstice. We observed, actually, on Tuesday because that’s when I thought it was when I put it in the calendar and the calendar is king. But even still tonight, I am taking time to sit in, … Continue reading

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Like a bridge over troubled water

My friend, Calm Mama, at The Calm Before the Stork commented that while there is momentum in blog posting everyday, there is also momentum in NOT posting. So true. If you doubt it, look at my posting schedule for December. … Continue reading

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Cultivating a sense of value

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working with a coaching client whom I truly adore. She’s an old and dear friend who took me up on an offer to receive some short-term coaching benefitting her business while letting me … Continue reading

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