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For the Better — a feast of stories

I just finished the outline of stories for my evening-length show coming up on Nov. 7 — For the Better — Honoring ten years with paralysis. Phew! I wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach this show. Caterpillar Soup was, for the most part, a … Continue reading


Moving into the Great Stillness — For Gabrielle Roth

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Interview with Hollye Dexter and Amy Ferris, editors of Dancing at the Shame Prom

Back in January, my friend, Hollye Dexter, invited me to contribute to a book she was co-editing with Amy Ferris called Dancing at the Shame Prom: Sharing the Stories That Kept Us Small. I wrote about the experience (think: elation, … Continue reading


Ten years paralyzed – A wild, wrenching, wondrous ride

Today is the 10-year anniversary of my fall. It’s weird. I feel a very strange mix of emotions. On the one-hand, it feels surreal. There was a time when I didn’t think we’d ever hit this milestone, when I was … Continue reading