Monthly Archives: July 2013

Meningioma and me — part 4

The results of the MRI were exactly as expected… Benign tumor, in my head, squashing my auditory nerve. The only surprise was the size… Three centimeters. When the doctor told me, I was suddenly 10, back in school learning the … Continue reading


Meningioma and me — part 3

In the few days leading up to the MRI, the only real decision to make was who to tell. Back when a tumor was only a rare and unlikely possibility, it was clear I didn’t want to tell anyone really … Continue reading


Meningioma and me — part 2

“This confirms it,” he said. “More likely than not, you have a tumor in your head.” Zap. I felt as I imagine a fly would when it hits an electric fly trap. Such a stealthy stun, lightning fast, then…. nothing. … Continue reading