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Remembering who I am for Transform Your Life radio

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this blog — my posting energy is going toward the Memoir Inner Circle these days — but I’m in the mood to write and with you is where I want to be.

In about an hour, I’m giving an interview for Transform Your Life radio and it’s got me thinking about what I stand for. You would think after all these years of standing for it, I’d know. But the truth is, sometimes I forget.

It’s complicated to be me. I don’t want to say it’s hard, because that clouds how utterly joyous it is to be me. But so far, it isn’t simple. It’s messy. Confusing. Sticky. I’m working on that, in a lovely, gentle, surrendering way, but it’s still complicated. And sometimes what happens is that I get lost. I sort of forget, for moments to days at a time, who I am really. And I think then that I never knew or if I did know, I’ll never remember and how on Earth would I now go about finding out.

It’s silly, of course. The path back is almost always easy, simple even. It’s a trusted piece of music that reminds me. It’s a few minutes of pure presence. It’s writing, always the truth and starting with exactly where I am. Which brings me to my visit to you today.

So what do I know in this moment about what I believe and for what I stand? What do I have to say to women listening to Transform Your Life radio on the Amazing Women of Power network? Well…

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