Monthly Archives: November 2014

Are you a Frodo too? (A Thanksgiving memory)

Thanksgiving twelve years ago, I was in a rehab hospital in Colorado learning how to manage my freshly paralyzed body. Because spinal cord injury rehab is a┬álong process (at least when it’s done right) and my specialty hospital encouraged and … Continue reading

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What I’m most thankful for

You know, there was a time when I would have had a huge list of gratitudes on this day: my health, my family, my opportunities, my friends…. And it’s not that I’m NOT grateful for those things. I certainly am. … Continue reading

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When the dog eats your glasses…

So Dean, Aidan, Reba and I are in Maryland visiting Dean’s family. Good god, it’s cold here. I don’t actually own clothes for this kind of weather (why would I, living in a place where fall means low 70s?!). So … Continue reading

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Is life happening TO you?

So. What’s up with this Shero’s Way thing? Honestly, I’ve been asking myself the same thing. My work of the last two decades is coalescing so quickly, I can hardly keep up. And I’m not exactly sure where to start … Continue reading

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It’s ALWAYS a leap of faith

Boy, there’s nothing like a fresh, fall day to get the blood moving. In LA, that means low 70s, clear skies, crisp breeze. (I know. Rough.) I needed to take a break from work and I have a new wheelchair … Continue reading

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