Called out by a dream

I woke up early Sunday morning from a sexy dream. The details don’t matter (“Wait, no. Details! We want DETAILS!!” ;)… What does matter is what I noticed.

The moment I was conscious, it struck me how available I was for the intimacy in the dream. Dream-me was relaxed, open, present… I was literally inhaling the connection being offered.

And it made me wonder how available we are for the things we say we want.

Dean and I both run businesses and we co-parent a child under the age of five who’s not yet in school full time. I’m sure you can imagine the challenge we face when it comes to finding/creating focused time for each other. So it’s true — more intimacy or connection is something I (we both) want.

But I couldn’t help but immediately notice the difference between dream-me and awake-me. And I have to admit, dream-me was WAY more available for this thing awake-me says she wants.

And here’s the real kicker — Awake-me THOUGHT she was available.

Until I had this dream, I hadn’t noticed parts of me that were holding back. I thought I was on board… Ready…. Yep, right here showing up.

And then I experienced true and total availability… and WOW! A totally different feeling.

It’s so easy to rail against what’s not going right in our lives, to lament what we don’t have that we so much want. And it’s incredibly easy to be fooled into thinking we are available for what we want… Afterall, we want it SO MUCH! We yearn for it, complain about it, think about it, dream about it, talk about it, get depressed about it…. With so much wanting, how can it be true that we aren’t actually 100% available for it?!

But it’s worth asking the question: Am I 100% available for ____________?

Because here’s the thing: When we’re anything less than 100% available, we are actually getting in the way. In addition to whatever external factors we might see and be aware of limiting us, we ourselves are acting as barriers. (Some might even say we are “creating” or attracting the external barriers, in alignment with our inner resistance.)

And that’s a total shame.

We have so little control over other people and we can’t force the world to behave as we see fit. Pretty much the only thing we have to work with when it comes to changing our lives… is ourselves. And if we’re not actually, completely available for what we say we want… well… there goes our best card.

I’m so grateful for Sunday morning’s dream. It really called me out. And now, I’m empowered.

It’s time to be 100% available. I choose to get out of my own way.

Look out, Deano. 😉


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