Some sweetness for your soul — Message from Guan Yin

Many years ago, I knew a man. We weren’t exactly obvious friends but, because the universe works that way sometimes, we became close.

Our friendship was complicated, a source of great comfort and also great pain. I wanted for him every goodness in the world, but I couldn’t give him what he wanted most.

One day, I carried my own heartache into my daily devotion to Guan Yin, the Buddhist bodhisattva, Mother of Compassion. And in Her exquisite grace, She gave me these words — not only to soothe my own aching soul, but as a gift I could give my friend.

I gave the man the poem and, years later, he became my husband and the father of my child.

Everyday, I still strive to honor Guan Yin’s message, to offer that sweet, safe place to my friend, in word and in deed.

Now, I’m offering it to you.

May your tender soul be soothed, your aching heart made whole.

Message from Guan Yin

In the depth of sorrow, I am with you.
Through the pain of regret, I am there.
When all seems lost, and confusion has enfolded you
Reach out to find my hand.
I am the silence following your cry.
I am the faith inside your hopelessness.
I am compassion
Dissolving shame, anguish, and fear.
The eye of judgment belongs solely to you
For my eyes see only grace.
I give you tenderness
To give to yourself.
I give you comfort
To give to yourself.
I give you acceptance
To give to yourself.
In every moment of every day
I am here.
I am always here.


I invite you into sweet, safe conversation with me. If life has made you tender, turning everything upside down; if you are hiding in the shadows knowing you want help but fearing how; then take my hand and let’s find a way through together.

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Give you tenderness
To give to yourself
Give you comfort
To give to yourself
Give you acceptance
To give to yourself

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