A hefty dose of magic

I’ve just returned from the Shero’s Retreat. My family met me for a sweet reunion and mini retreat of our own, then I woke this morning to rain and thunder — in July!! And now, with the skies grey and the breeze blowing, our whole house smells like the banana bread I just baked…… I’d say it’s been a pretty spectacular re-entry!

This Shero’s Retreat was magical.

Each one is different since they are co-created not only with the participant but also with Spirit. If I had to pick a word for the one in April, it would be powerful. And this one? Magic:

The blue jay, now crowned (remember the scrub jay from April?); a major breakthrough — in hour one; deeeeeep connection with the Divine; intuition pouring forth; angels galore (and I am SO not into “angels”….. but I am now!); a gilded leaf; a past life resolved; a bird’s insanity; legions of allies; two crippling agreements found and severed; a heart retrieved (and a heart cast away); a medicine man’s arrival; a body reentered; a naughty adventure (full of giggles and even MORE angels); a glorious vision received; and a new life conceived…. All in the company of healing waters, delicious food, breathtaking beauty, and a chance to rest and be renewed. Magic, I tell you.

There are too many stories to write here, and I’ll let Cheri speak for herself when the time is right, but in the meantime, I invite you to join me next Saturday (and every Saturday after that!) for The Shero Show (or Shero Rising Radio, as I called it last week!) where I’ll be sharing the amazing stories and breakthroughs from this Shero’s Retreat (along with all the other juicy stuff from the Shero’s way of life).

Until then, wishing for you the bubbling up of magic, adding delight and a bit of spice to your life.


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