Exciting things coming up (and a Shero who needs your love)

I started my morning with such a juicy meditation today! I’ve been hanging out at my local Center for Spiritual Living, and it’s really energizing my meditation and prayer practice. It’s such an uplifting and nourishing way to begin the day. And it’s got me feeling REALLY excited about things coming up!

Here’s a sneak peek:

1) If you’re like me, my clients and a former client, your relationship took a hit two weeks ago. There was definitely something about this past new moon. I’m working on a story about that — sex, dolphins, magic, and letting go of the “good” — which I’ll share with you soon.

2) After the mini, virtual retreats last month, and last week’s address about Charleston, I’m really craving ways to connect with you more often live. So starting after the upcoming Shero’s Retreat, I think I’ll be launching a weekly radio show of sorts. It’s still evolving in my mind, but think inspiring stories, laughter, support, uplifting prayer, transformational ritual, live coaching, guest Sheros, and all around juiciness to nourish your soul and lift you up!

If you’re excited by the sound of that, PLEASE let me know. I can use all the love and good juju around it that I can get right now.

3) Speaking of the Shero’s Retreat, registration for July’s Group Shero’s Retreat is closed. I’ll be making two more private retreats available this year, and then I think we’ll do a group in January. So if you’ve been thinking about the Shero’s Retreat for yourself, drop these into your cauldron of possibilities and see what bubbles up. I’ll give more dates and details as I have them.

4) Regarding the current retreat, it’s going to be just Cheri and me. (Did you miss her story? Read it here.) I intended to have more women joining us, but I trust completely the way things evolve. We’re both very excited.

Cheri, by the way, is also nervous. It’s a big deal to put yourself squarely in front of the mirror and take responsibility for your life. Will you give her some added courage and support? You can by leaving a note of encouragement in the comments below. If you’re so moved, do take a moment. I know it would mean a lot to her…. And that’s what we do here in the Sherohood!

Incidentally, I won’t be checking in with you during the retreat so I can devote my attention to Cheri and her evolution. But stay tuned for luscious posts afterward. The retreat ALWAYS brings on super rich insight and inspiring stories. It’s one way you get to benefit, right from the bed or the couch or wherever you sit around in your jammies and read!

5) And finally, with registration closed and everything else swimming along nicely, I can finally make myself available for new short-term coaching clients. I only have two slots available right now, but if you’re ready to make some key changes and step closer to your soul’s purpose, let’s have a chat. You can click here to get the ball rolling.

And that’s all I’ve got for the moment. As always, I’m grateful to be in this relationship with you, my tribe. And I’m holding space for your inspired evolution.

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