Need a laugh about “worthless, unworthy, and not good enough?”


This week, I’ve been resisting all good things in the name of being “worthless, unworthy, and not good enough.” Sound familiar?

Well, it finally broke in hilarious fashion by, of all things, embracing fully my attachment to these nasty beliefs.

Tune in for a funny story about being addicted to “worthless, unworthy, and not good enough,” where we’ll get a little snarky with God and a lot truthful with ourselves…. in the name of finally being free.

Shero Rising Radio Hour 

Because we only rise when we rise together.

P.S. Be sure to tune in live if “worthless, unworthy, and not good enough” are common for you too. We’ll be doing a little healing ritual at the end to lift us all up. xox (The live broadcast has already taken place. Click the link above to hear the replay.)

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