This pre-injury photo exploded my Facebook page, and brought back the magic of my fall

A few days ago, I was clearing out my desk and stumbled on this photo:

That’s me, from a professional shoot in support of my acting career, taken a few months before I was paralyzed.

The photo brought up some very curious feelings — SO not the ones you might expect. And as I pieced them apart (publicly, on Facebook), one primary thing rose to the surface:

How quickly and utterly I turned my back on this life after I fell, not because I had to… but because I wanted to.

The fact is, falling was a profoundly spiritual experience for me, an opportunity I had consciously asked for just days before. It was the fulfillment of a desire and, because of that, I wasn’t falling in fear. I was falling in bliss.

Well, the FB thread exploded with likes and comments, and one particular conversation — with my friend Julia Kline — really caught my attention.

Julia’s had two primary “catastrophes” in life, one before she had a spiritual context for her life, and one after. The difference in how the two affected her was profound.

Please join us tomorrow for a very special episode of The Shero Show.

I’ll be sharing the story of my fall and the unforgettable magic that happened while I was midair, and Julia and I will have a public conversation about the way spirituality affects the experience — and healing process — of “catastrophe.”

If you’ve ever been stuck in the wake of a hardship…

If you’re longing to be deeply inspired…

This is the show for you.

The Shero Show (aka Shero Rising Radio)


We’ll open the line at the end for questions and comments, so be sure to join us live. [The live broadcast has already taken place. Click the above link to hear the replay.]

I never in a million years expected the strength, courage, or resiliency I experienced post-injury. Those moments in the air truly changed everything. So please join us for The Shero Show… I promise, you won’t regret it.

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