The beauty of surrender at the MCC church

I had the privilege of telling a piece of my Shero’s Journey story as part of the Creative Services evening at the Founders Metropolitan Community Church this past weekend in Hollywood. It was an honor to step onto the stage with and for this community, one full of soul and love and diverse expressions of beauty. And though I was touched by many of the creative offerings that night (songs, dance, poetry, a fashion show — so not church as I’ve ever known it!), what moved me most was the heartfelt and honest offerings to our Surrender Prayer Flag.


I’d been invited to create a pre-service writing experience for congregants, and knowing my story would focus on the extraordinary gifts of surrender (as I experienced them hanging in mid-air), I wanted to create an opportunity for congregants to encounter some of those same gifts.

So I put out some beautiful paper, a few pens, and offered this prompt:

If you could lay back in the hand of God, swaying gently in the space between your life and heaven, knowing that everything was taken care of…. what would you finally, finally let go?





It was such an honor to hold this space.

So now I turn the question to you:

If you could lay back in the hand of God… Swaying gently in the space between your life and heaven…. Knowing that everything was taken care of… What would you finally, finally let go?

If you’re feeling brave, I hope you’ll share your answer in the comments below. Or write it on a beautiful piece of paper and hang it on a tree branch, railing, or clothes line.

Either way… for even just a moment… may surrender by yours.


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Obsessive Thinking — What a lunatic bird had to tell me about the human mind

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And finally, a loving welcome to congregants from the MCC church, new to the Shero Rising community. I’m SO happy you’ve joined us. xox




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One Response to The beauty of surrender at the MCC church

  1. Amy Ferris says:

    i would let go of the fear – the deep, deep fear – that i would lose everything if i let go of that fear. i would let go of the fear that i am not enough just as i am. i would let go the fear of being seen & heard & stepping into my very amazing glorious power.

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