Come on, angels!

I am not an angel gal. I was never moved by the angel craze– (Sorry, “craze” sounds disrespectful. Thing? Fad? Fashion? Ugh… I need another word… Affinity? Ok…) Nope, never had an affinity for angels. Never felt inspired by paintings of cherubs. Never resonated with having a guardian angel. Never felt any impulse to commune with, or ask the intervention of, angels. Until I met Cheri.

Cheri is an angel gal. Not sure she surrounds herself with cherubs exactly, but she is in deep relationship with the angels. She talks to them, they talk back. She sees them in her mind; they tell her their names. While we were on Shero’s Retreat last year, the angels played a huge role, even sending me direct signs and signals. In fact, their presence was so profound (or the presence of something that we are calling angels), angel wings became the symbol of our work that week. And I became somewhat of a convert.

Last week, you know we launched Cheri’s Shero Fund to beat cancer. I already told you how the cavalry came in, raising 25% of our goal in just 1 day. Well, there was more work to be done, more money to raise, so I got busy. We reached out to various groups of friends via Facebook last week, and this week, I started reaching out directly to individuals.

Just as a side note, that was a real boot-tempting activity. It’s quite the challenge to your self-worth to write a personal note to an acquaintance or someone you’ve not been in close touch with, and directly ask them to give money to support you and a total stranger. But, apparently, boot-tempting is what I’m into these days!

Anyway, the first day of individual appeals, I reached out to 15 people and a few dollars trickled in. Cheri and I firmly believe that every dollar counts, but this wasn’t going to meet our goal anytime soon. Still I wasn’t discouraged; we’d raised almost 50% of our goal the first week (!) and it was only the first day of individual appeals. I had a commitment to personally contact 70 people over the course of the week. So the next day, Wednesday, I carried on with the intention and reached out to 20 more.

But that day, something was totally different.

I felt it right away, like a surge of energy. I was looking at a huge list of friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances, when certain names would just… vibrate a little  when I got to them. I noticed it especially because when I read the other names, they’d feel… flat. Just names on a piece of paper, even though I loved a lot of those people, have wonderful relationships with them. Usually their names invoke something in me. But this time, only a very specific few, some of whom I never would have guessed, lept out at me.

So I started contacting those few. And BOOM! Immediate response, more than 2x the average donation. Then again, immediate response, same big number. It slowed a bit after that but still, the donations kept coming in, more than $300 altogether, pushing us over the $3,000 threshold. It was incredible.

Later that night, I wanted to check in with Cheri. She had what we hope is her last round of chemo last Friday and it’s been really wiping her out. I picked up my phone to text her and there was a text from her. Here’s what she said:

“Exhausted with this last treatment but before I went to bed last night, I asked the angels to show their support, for there to be at least $3,000 by today. I just went on [the GoFundMe page] and I’m blown away. The angels are with us!”

I guess that woosh! of energy was angel wings. 🙂

Today’s the last day for awhile that I’m focusing on fundraising. Next week, Cheri and I begin our intensive work, and I simply can’t do both.

But we’re hoping to raise just a little bit more before then. We’d love to reach $3,500 (63% of our total goal) before we lay it down for a bit and as of this moment, we’re only $165 short! So I’ve got just one thing to say….

Come on, angels!!!

(If you’d like to help the Angels out, please consider a $10 donation and some words of encouragement for Cheri here. Thank you, for all you do.)


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