Monthly Archives: February 2016

Terrific news and a gorgeous dream — Update on Cheri’s fight with cancer

OK, folks, I have amazing news: First, Cheri’s last scan failed to detect ANY cancer in her body!! Woo HOOOO!!! Isn’t that fantastic? We are absolutely over the moon!!¬†Doctors are¬†still baffled by Cheri’s powerful recovery and feel it’s too early … Continue reading

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Four words for your 17 year-old self

What the hell were we talking about?? Aidan was home sick all last week and Dean was swamped with work, so I put most everything aside to be with Aidan. Then I got slammed with the same cold he had … Continue reading

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In honor of a “fake” holiday

When I first met Dean, he absolutely hated Valentine’s Day. Imagine spitting-mad, vehement disgust and multiply that by three or four. I wasn’t his girlfriend at the time so it didn’t really matter, but it did seem a shocking amount … Continue reading

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Dodging bullets in my head

I went into the bedroom the other morning, feeling pretty happy. Dean was taking Aidan to school, the house was quiet, and I was thinking about a blog post I wanted to write. I tossed my clothes onto the bed, … Continue reading


The Quickening

I went outside this morning with Reba-girl and discovered the most beautiful, spring day. Sunny and warm, with that kind of freshness that only hangs around in spring. It’s a bit early, of course. I’m pretty sure our trees are … Continue reading

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