Terrific news and a gorgeous dream — Update on Cheri’s fight with cancer

OK, folks, I have amazing news:

First, Cheri’s last scan failed to detect ANY cancer in her body!! Woo HOOOO!!! Isn’t that fantastic? We are absolutely over the moon!! Doctors are still baffled by Cheri’s powerful recovery and feel it’s too early to declare a remission, but it’s exciting news all the same. And Cheri has been officially cleared to return to life (so to speak 😉 ).

Then this morning, I had a terrific dream. A friend ran up to me to say that support for Cheri’s fund had skyrocketed to $385,000!! Not only would Cheri surely get all the help she needed, but I could help so many other women gather their strength for a rebirth from the ashes. Talk about a gorgeous dream!

But here’s where it gets really juicy…

About ten days ago, a very generous donor in Australia offered a dollar-for-dollar matching grant for any money we raise for Cheri’s campaign before the end of this month. That meant that with only a few hundred dollars more in giving, plus the match, Cheri’s campaign would be FULLY FUNDED!

So, I started reaching out to folks who had pledged but not yet given, and also asked a select few with large, like-minded communities to share the campaign. Today, we are just $260 away from completion!!

You know, as the imminent threat of death recedes from Cheri’s experience, the challenges of conscious evolution — mental, practical, and emotional — are pushing forward more strongly. Cheri and I are determined to meet these challenges and, especially, to safeguard her budding good health. Having this campaign complete by the end of the month would liberate our attention COMPLETELY, and empower us to do the intensive work Cheri is ready for. And now I’ve had this dream.

So… will you help me bridge the gap? If I can dream $385,000, we ought to be able to real life raise just $260, right?

Please share this campaign with your lovely peeps. And if you can, make a donation. These are the last 3 days of the matching opportunity. 

Thank you so much for all you have done on Cheri’s behalf. This whole campaign has been an extraordinary experience. So much love, faith, and support. Cheri and I are both deeply humbled. And we thank you, with all our hearts.


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