That “special something” I promised

Can I just tell you what a joy it is to be in this relationship with you?

Two weeks ago, I was at that awards luncheon… and I watched my story act as a mighty connector… and I got reminded how valuable our stories are for making meaningful connections with the people who matter to us… and I thought of you… because YOU matter to me… and I thought of everything you could have, be, and do if you could have easy access to your most meaningful stories… and I asked you about it, and you said, “Yes, please”… and with my heart all happy, I pulled together some of my best skills and put them in a pretty package… and now I get to offer it to you, and make myself available in service to your great, big, beautiful, shining story… So YOU can connect with the people that matter to you…

… And if I were a dog, my big ol’ tongue would be hanging out of my mouth!

So thank you. Thank you for letting me give the best of me in service to you. It makes my world complete. 🙂

All right. For you gals in business, here is your “special something,” an easy and immediate way to harness the power of your story in service to your business. I’m only offering it this week, so take a look soon! I’m so eager to see you shine.

And for you who are not in business, I heard from a lot of you the desire to explore and tell your stories, for the benefit of connection with everyone who matters. I’m dreaming up a very different “special something” for you. More details in the coming weeks.

When I first started telling my stories, I never imagined where they would take me. I hardly dared to even dream of YOU. Gotta give a nod to paralysis for that. It closed a few doors, but it opened so many more.

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