My SUE Talk: Adversity is a slingshot

I’m sure you’ve heard of TED Talks, but now there’s a speaker series called SUE. Successful, Unstoppable, Empowering women changing the face of business.

I always have to think for a moment when I tell people what SUE stands for. Seems to me the “U” should stand for Uppity but, apparently, organizers don’t agree. Pity.

Anyway, last December, I became one of the first SUE speakers in the Orange County series. Actually, I was the first SUE speaker in Orange County since I opened the evening.

It was a very interesting ride.

As most of you know, I’m a long-form storyteller, so¬†condensing my message into 12 minutes was REALLY unnatural. But I loved the challenge. And by the end, I’d found the true heart of what I want to say to the world about the challenges we all face. Take a gander:

How does that sound? No. Limits. Maybe you don’t believe it. I certainly didn’t. And I wouldn’t still if I hadn’t lived it, wasn’t living it to this day.

And now that I’ve been doing this work for awhile, helping other people live it, I’m more certain than ever that it’s possible for everyone.

It’s not the circumstance that determines whether we fall or fly when bad things happen… It’s the way we relate to what’s happened. And believe it or not, we have a choice about how we relate.

If you’d like to see more SUE Talks, you can check out their You Tube channel here.

And if you’re ready to harness the catapult potential in your adverse circumstances, contact me here and say, “I’d like a free Discovery Session, please.” Together, we’ll¬†find a way to help you fly.

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