Replay link for yesterday’s virtual Shero’s Retreat

Yesterday, it was deep.

“Loved it. Powerful.”

You can listen here to the replay of yesterday’s virtual, mini Shero’s Retreat.

And there’s one last, time sensitive savings on the Group Shero’s Retreat before it goes to full price. Get details and apply here.

Thanks for being in my tribe. I appreciate you.

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Having trouble finding time for you?

This morning, a friend was sharing her big dreams for the amazing work she wants to do in the world. It’s a gorgeous blending of her expertise, life experience, and passion — something I really, REALLY want to see her create. But she was wondering when on Earth she could possibly attend to it, what with kids, a spouse, animals, a full time job and a parent living with her.

Boy, can I relate! My week so far has included clients; meetings; copywriting; helping my son build a kid-sized, cardboard rocketship; (nursing an Exacto-knife slice in my hand!); making meals; trips to and from school; laundry; attending to my mom’s dental emergency…. It’s a miracle I’ve managed to shower this week!

I’m guessing you can relate too.

The amount of time we have for ourselves — to relax, be fed, dream, do our work… to attend to our own evolution — is minimal at best.

But tomorrow there’s a chance for all that.

Wanna get some juice to fuel your coming week?

Wanna be held in a sacred circle of sisters?

Wanna be lovingly supported to gently dump something you no longer need?

Wanna take a small step closer to the life you long to live?

Wanna be energized, inspired, uplifted, and supported?

Then please join us.

Free, virtual, mini Shero’s Retreat
Saturday, June 6
10am PT/1pm ET
Call in number:?(641) 715-3580
Access code: 222 491#

It’s free. It’s transformational. You can do it in your jammies.

What’s not to love?

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What makes the Shero’s Retreat unique

I was talking to a colleague the other day who remarked that there really isn’t anything out there like the Shero’s Retreat, a sentiment that was mirrored by some of the participants on last Saturday’s mini, virtual retreat.

I don’t honestly know if that’s true (‘cuz I don’t know everything that’s out there), but it got me thinking about what makes the Shero’s Retreat unique. And I think it might be….. me.

I feel utterly bashful saying that, and I can practically hear my mother cringing at her daughter’s brazenness. (Oy.) But let’s look a little more closely at what I mean.

The Shero’s Retreat combines peaceful pampering, sisterhood, empowering education, and deep transformation — like an extended girls’ day at the spa that also births your super Shero self and elevates your life. And it does all that because those are among the things that I, personally, do best.

Two careers ago ;), I was a teacher. I went to a teacher’s college. I got my Master’s Degree in Human Development. I learned things like progressive pedagogy, and how to create a compelling curriculum.

When I fell out of a tree and began my Shero’s journey a few years later, I instinctively viewed my experience through a developmental lens — how was I transforming from one thing to another? What were the factors? It was natural for me to deconstruct the process. And it was natural to turn that process into a curriculum so I could teach others how to do it.

But if that’s all I was doing, the Shero’s Retreat would be girls’ night out plus self-help seminar (and that must exist somewhere, though I don’t myself know where).

But that’s not all that’s happening in the Shero’s Retreat. There’s also the transformative element, the in-the-moment shifting not only of consciousness, but of being-ness. That is pure magic… and that I learned somewhere else.

In 1993, I began training as a Wiccan Priestess. I learned how to consciously transform myself, and then how to facilitate that transformation for others. For more than 15 years, I served a congregation of women, creating and facilitating personal transformation rituals for groups of 1 to 150.

I don’t teach Wicca, per se, when I coach, but many of the most powerful tools I have in my tool bag come from that tradition.

And for good reason. As a result of those rituals, I’ve seen women’s empowerment rise dramatically. I’ve seen big boosts in self esteem and self worth. I’ve seen improved emotional states, and a whole host of practical manifestations — good jobs; right relationships; better health; new homes; even pregnancies. Used right, this is powerful medicine for our selves, our lives, and the world around us.

Of course, none of this exactly compares with my personal experience with the Shero’s journey.

Becoming paralyzed, and the transformational journey that followed, that reinvented my life, was the most extraordinary soul school imaginable.

And thank Goddess, I was paying attention. Because not only did I become the Shero I am today, but I became a soul-school teacher (thanks to the combination of all my trainings).

So really, the Shero’s Retreat is soul school – practical, empowering, and transformational, in an über juicy, super nourishing, slightly giggly container. All my favorite things.

If they’re your favorite things, too, then you might want to join us on Saturday, June 6 for a free, virtual, mini Shero’s Retreat.

From the comfort of your home (yep, jammies allowed) we’ll take a magic ride to the nourishing shores of Central California. There, with the electrifying support of your sisters, we’ll release a potent piece of your old story (one that is prohibiting your forward motion) and begin activating your new story.

Then, we’ll bask in the glow of all us shining Sheros.

Sound good?

Free, virtual mini Shero’s Retreat
Saturday, June 6
10am PT/1pm ET
Call in number:?(641) 715-3580
Access code: 222 491#

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Too juicy to stop. We’re doing another free, mini Shero’s Retreat

It’s an amazing thing that happens when women come together, in real time, to create change. 

I’m still riding the waves of last Saturday’s mini, virtual Shero’s Retreat. And apparently, I’m not the only one:

“I am so grateful for the retreat. I am still percolating in the juicy goodness of what came out of it.”

I’ve heard now from several women how moving this event was… How truly powerful. And while there’s a little part of me saying, “Phew!” (It’s always nice not to fall on your face.) As usual, I shouldn’t be surprised.

There is such extraordinary magic that happens when we come together live (even over the phone!) holding a shared intention. Each woman on the call held a unique intention for herself, I’m sure. But collectively, we all came seeking transformation, release from something outmoded and limiting, plus a bit of vision for something new. A kind of soul healing. Real food, I like to think. And that’s exactly what we got.

Rubbing our hands together, raising energy on behalf of each one of us, in the moment, doing the work. Right then, right there. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

That’s because this way of being together exponentially increases the power that’s available for each woman’s evolution.

Think of it this way: It’s one thing for each of us to muster our courage, reach into our personal tool bag, and sit down to do our work… But can you feel the heaviness of that? It can be effective if we have enough skill, but it can also be really draining. Like strapping yourself to a mountain and trying to move it. I imagine you know what I’m talking about.

Even when we get on a call or go to an event, often we’re receiving information and inspiration, but we still have to go home and do the work. I feel lonely just writing about it.

But imagine a circle of women, a chorus of brave souls, approaching a mountain from all sides, lending their breath, their strength, their presence and vision, singing one glorious song into and around that mountain, laying their hands upon the dirt and commanding it rise…. What do you think it’s gonna do? And how are those women going to feel, basking in that melody, breathing with each other’s breath, moving a fucking mountain together?

It’s an entirely different thing to enter into a container with women who are doing the same work in that moment. Now the energy of all those intentions is coalescing, pouring into one enormous pool, exponentially growing what’s available for you. Now you’re riding the wave of everyone’s tools combined, of everyone’s desire for change. It’s all happening in real time – we’re DOING IT right there — together.

This is so different from what I’ve seen out there. Does it sound different to you?

My words are pitiful when it comes to explaining. I could talk until I’m blue in the face and still not do it justice. But thankfully, I don’t have to.

Because we’re going to do it again.

Saturday, June 6 at 10am Pacific.

Tell everyone, and make a date to join us live. Even if you were with us last time. There’s no such thing as an encore when it comes to this retreat. We’ll go through the same process, but it won’t be the same. The same simply isn’t possible because the retreat emerges from the women on the line.

Just like last time, there are three ways to participate:

1. Be one of a few women with whom I work directly, live on the call. Definitely, the most meaningful and immediate transformation.

2. Participate anonymously as we go along. A potent choice for enacting change in your life.

3. Or just listen and absorb what transmission is available. A taster with surprising potential.

All three are valuable. You pick the level of involvement you desire.

To apply to be one of the three women, comment on this post IMMEDIATELY answering the four questions below. (Your responses are confidential and will not be posted to the general public.) I’ll get back to you ASAP and let you know the results.

If you’d like to participate anonymously, answer the first three questions and bring them to the call.


If you feel like your life is no longer in alignment…

If it’s been recently turned upside down, or you can feel the tables getting ready to flip…

If you long to live firmly rooted in your soul’s purpose…

feeling confident, joyous, and free…

in right relationship, earning your right livelihood…

feeling vital and fulfilled…

… this is for you.

I so hope you’ll join me. It’s an hour. It’s free. It’ll move your soul. And it just might change your life. What do you have to lose?

Free, virtual mini Shero’s Retreat
Saturday, June 6
10am PT/1pm ET

Call in details:
(641) 715-3580
Access code: 222 491#

Prep Questions for participation levels 1 and 2:

Question #1 — What is one area of your life that feels out of alignment? (i.e. your health, a relationship, your career/work or money…)

Question #2 –What do you know right now about what you want instead?

Question #3 — What do you know right now about what stands in the way?

Question #4 — If accepted to be coached live on the call, will you commit to participating live on Saturday, June 6 from 10am – 11:30am pacific time?

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Want some “fun, awesome, transformative?” Playback link for the mini Shero’s Retreat

That was amazing.

For real.

Like, not just marketing-speak, that’s what I’m supposed to say, YEA everyone, and three big cheers.

I mean, actually amazing.

The virtual, mini Shero’s Retreat just ended and it was (I asked a participant for adjective)…

“Fun. Awesome. Transformative. Very well organized and run. No fluff. Best free call I’ve ever been on.”

Honestly, I had no idea how the retreat would translate into a virtual format…. And it rocked!!

It was amazing to hear one of our live participants talking about her work and her fears, then to witness her radical change after the ritualization process we went through. 180 degree shift, palpable for all of us.

And to feel the support of the community (we had A LOT of women participating)…. My arms kept breaking out in goose bumps.

This was so rich and so juicy. Incredible to actually experience transformation — in real time — all together.

Please don’t take my word for it! Listen for yourself (link below). It’s not too late for you to soak up all that good.

(Oh my god, that was fun.)

And just because it was so much fun, I’ll share an offer I made on the call:

If you think you might be interested in the in-person Group Shero’s Retreat happening in July, apply before the end of the weekend and I’ll lock in the special $1,000 savings for you. It’s supposed to expire — but I will reserve it for any woman who applies before the end of the weekend. (Apply here. Or get more info here.)

Thank you everyone who joined us. Let’s do it again, right?

Playback link for virtual, mini retreat.

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