Call in details for the F R E E virtual mini Shero’s Retreat

Well, the energy is definitely rising. Response to the free, virtual, mini Shero’s Retreat happening this Saturday has been exciting. Will you be joining us?

Just to remind you, there are three ways you can participate:

1. Be one of three women with whom I work directly, live on the call. Definitely, the most meaningful and immediate transformation.
(There are 2 spots left. If you want to apply, leave a comment with the answers to the prep questions below. They’ll stay confidential.)

2. Participate anonymously as we go along. A potent choice for enacting change in your life.

3. Or just listen and absorb what transmission is available. A taster with surprising potential.

Here are the details, as promised:

Free, virtual mini Shero’s Retreat
Saturday, May 30
10am PT/1pm ET

Call in details:
(641) 715-3580
Access code: 222 491#

If you’re going to participate at levels 1 or 2 above, here’s what you need to do to prepare BEFORE you get on the call:

1. Answer the prep questions and bring those answers to the call. (Questions re-posted below.)

2. Find a cord (yarn, ribbon, twine, strap, very long shoelace…) that you are willing to cut. It should be long enough to tie easily around your waist with a bit of a tail left over. Bring that cord and a pair of scissors to the call.

This mini, virtual retreat is for you if….
You feel like your life is no longer in alignment…

Your life has been recently turned upside down, or you can feel the tables getting ready to flip…

You long to live firmly rooted in your soul’s purpose… feeling confident, joyous, and free… in right relationships, earning your right livelihood… feeling vital and fulfilled.

Let’s travel virtually to the nourishing shores of the retreat and, together, release a potent piece of your old story (one that is prohibiting your forward motion) and begin activating your NEW story.

So looking forward to being with you!

Prep Questions:

Question #1 — What is one area of your life that feels out of alignment? (i.e. your health, a relationship, your career/work or money…)

Question #2 –What do you know right now about what you want instead?

Question #3 — What do you know right now about what stands in the way?

Question #4 — If accepted to be coached live on the call, will you commit to participating live on Saturday, May 30 from 10am – 11:30am pacific time?

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The group Shero’s Retreat – What is it? Who’s it for? Why should I go?

I realize I haven’t told you much about the group Shero’s Retreat, so maybe it’s time I do. (Thanks to everyone who has already checked out the link!) What is this thing, who’s it for, and why would you want to go?

What is it: It’s five days nestled in the sycamore groves of Central California; soaking in mineral spring tubs; eating gourmet, organic food; and being supported to make of your outmoded, ill-fitting life one that feeds your soul and rings true with your highest purpose.

Who is it for: This one is for three women whose lives have recently been turned upside down (or who have the feeling it soon will be); or who feel like their life is no longer in alignment; who long to live firmly rooted in their soul’s purpose… in right relationship, earning their right livelihood, feeling vital and fulfilled. (Sorry, guys, this one’s not for you. All of my other programs are available to men who resonate with this work, including the private Shero’s Retreat. But this particular retreat is reserved for the gals.)

Why would you want to go: 

To take your power back from whatever circumstance has left you feeling off center and without ground.

To find new ground — solid, secure, inspired — where you can stand with confidence and grace and general badassery.

To turn the pile of shit you’re sitting on into a gold mine, for the benefit of every relationship you have, your work, your career, your health, and your wellbeing.

To laugh, play, dream, and heal with women just like you, who will root for you, believe in you, sustain you, and see you for the shining shero you truly are (but maybe can’t see too often lately).

To have extraordinary help from someone who has had her life turned upside down, and lost the things that mattered most, who found a path out of the ashes and can lead you right to the sky.

To be nourished…. fed….. renewed…. sustained.

To see clearly the life that awaits you, the one you’re really longing for, and begin, right there, right then, to create it.

To become the you you long to be — for reelz.

When does it happen:

The retreat is scheduled for July 13 – 17. Virtual group coaching begins June 20 and continues for several weeks after the retreat, to ensure you have adequate support upon reentry.

What’s included:
* Four nights at the Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort and Spa in Central California
* Unlimited healing hot springs
* Gourmet, local, organic food and juices
* A spa treatment
* Intuitive movement, guided meditation, sacred
storytelling, shamanic writing….
* Daily, supportive, inspiring group coaching (using my signature process, The Shero’s Way ™)
* An additional 5, virtual, group coaching sessions to support and sustain your transformation before and after the retreat.
* Unlimited laughter, sisterhood, and magic, plus a few choice miracles.
(And some other stuff, too.)

How much does it cost:

The retreat package (all of the above) starts at $4,999.


Register by June 1 and save $1,000. (No kidding…. a whole thousand.) Only $3,999.

How do I say yes?

Because it’s such an intimate group, the retreat is by application only. That helps me ensure everyone gets the most benefit possible.

So, if you know the group Shero’s Retreat is for you (or if you think it might be and you want to talk more about it), pop over here and apply. There’s no obligation to join when you apply. we’ll just get the ball rolling so you can take advantage of that huge savings (a whole thousand dollars — that blows even me away.)

So now you know the details. If you want more info (testimonial, detail of benefits, etc.) you can check out this.

What do you say? Are you in?




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A FREE, virtual, mini Shero’s Retreat this weekend, for you

I said I’d be back today with more to support you in dissolving the outmoded story of your life and birthing a more purposeful and satisfying version. And what I’ve got is so über juicy, I can hardly sit still. But first, I have a small confession.

I have to admit, I’ve always found it very difficult to articulate the potent power of the Shero’s Retreat. Call me a bad marketer, but somehow I can never seem to capture what really happens in the room. I can give you the details of what we do, but the magnitude always sounds exaggerated.

I’ll give you an example:

Katie McDonald, a single mother from Colorado who’d never worked with a coach. She went through the Shero’s Retreat process with me (in a slightly different, honestly less refined format) last year. And when it was over, it had changed everything: her relationships with her children; with her ex-husband; with her boss; she asked for and got a raise; she manifested an opportunity to publish her story (an anthology that went on to be an Amazon bestseller); she booked her first speaking gig as a motivational speaker (a LONG time dream); she started coaching actual paying clients (a desire she didn’t even know she had until we uncovered it); she found new love (something she thought she wasn’t ready for when we started); and she discovered, much to her surprise, just how powerful a creator she was when she manifested literally out of thin air the money for our work together. Katie likes to brag that she even grew an inch! (NOT a customary outcome!)

Every one of those results happened within a six month period, and all but one were beyond the scope of what she imagined possible, or imagined at all. She credits our work together (her testimonial can be found here).

Now what did she come with? (This is a super important question. It’s a good way to know if her experience is relevant for you.) Only this:

A burning desire to live in alignment with her soul’s purpose, which had been motivated by an outbreak of spots that alerted her to the misalignment and obsolescence of her old “story,” her former way of living and being in the world. Oh, and a willingness to heed the call of her shero’s journey without knowing quite what that might look like. You could say, she was brave.

Now, I totally get that her results sound too good to be true or, at least, sound like a fluke, a one-time lucky shot. Except they’re not. They’re really, truly not.

So, here’s what I want to do:

Rather than offer you a bunch more words (theirs and mine) in the hope of giving you a proper sense of benefit, I want to give you the experience of benefit. I want to make available some of what the Shero’s Retreat offers.

Because that’s really what this all about — concrete benefit for you and your life. Words might convince you that the Shero’s Retreat is cool, but they aren’t going to give you, personally, any of its value. And that’s what I want you to have, whether or not you’re interested in the retreat, whether or not you think you might go. I want you to have the value.


This Saturday, May 30, at 10am PT, I’m going to offer a free, virtual, mini Shero’s Retreat. Yep. A little slice of heaven designed to change your life.

If you feel like your life is no longer in alignment…

If it’s been recently turned upside down, or you can feel the tables getting ready to flip…

If you long to live firmly rooted in your soul’s purpose…

feeling confident, joyous, and free…

in right relationships, earning your right livelihood…

feeling vital and fulfilled…

… this is for you.

Over the course of an hour and a half, we’ll travel virtually to the nourishing shores of the retreat and, together, we’ll actually do the transformative work we do on location. We’ll release a potent piece of your old story (one that is prohibiting your forward motion) and begin activating the new story. I’m not going to talk about it, or give you words to work with on your own later…. I’m going to facilitate actual transformation in the moment.

What does that mean for you?

It means you get to have a juicy, healing experience — without leaving your house, without paying a dime — that can move your life forward, right now, in real time.

Sound good?

There are three ways to participate:

1. Be one of three women with whom I work directly, live on the call. Definitely, the most meaningful and immediate transformation.

2. Participate anonymously as we go along. A potent choice for enacting change in your life.

3. Or just listen and absorb what transmission is available. A taster with surprising potential.

All three are valuable. You pick the level of involvement you desire.

To apply to be one of the three women, comment on this post IMMEDIATELY answering the four questions below. (Your responses are confidential and will not be posted to the general public.) I’ll get back to you ASAP and let you know the results.

If you’d like to participate anonymously, answer the first three questions and bring them to the call.

And everyone, make a date to show up live. That’s definitely where the greatest mojo is.

So, to repeat:

Saturday May 31
10am Pacific
Free, virtual, mini Shero’s Retreat

(I’ll post call in details tomorrow. No opt-in required.)

I’m so excited I’ve finally thought of a way to bring the Shero’s Retreat to you. Now, you don’t have to wait until mid-July. And you don’t have to take my word for it. You can experience the value yourself. Hallelujah.

Question #1 — What is one area of your life that feels out of alignment? (i.e. your health, a relationship, your career/work or money…)

Question #2 –What do you know right now about what you want instead?

Question #3 — What do you know right now about what stands in the way?

Question #4 — If accepted to be coached live on the call, will you commit to participating live on Saturday, May 30 from 10am – 11:30am pacific time?

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Is yours a shero’s journey? And how can you benefit?

The doorways come in all different shapes:

For one, it was a case of spots. All over her body, arriving in one day like a mischievous fairy had gleefully painted her while she unknowingly slept. They looked god-awful but they didn’t hurt, thankfully. They did, however, itch.

For another, it was a suitcase, lost in a subway station on her way out of town. But even  more than the loss, it was the unlikely and utterly magical return of that suitcase just in the nick of time.

For yet another, it was the emergence of a husband’s lie that rocked everything she thought she knew.

All three women, feeling vastly different emotions, found themselves ushered onto a shero’s journey. All three, in various amounts of time, would come to believe that the life they’d been living (or rather, the way they’d been living it) didn’t fit anymore. It was time for a new way.

When I talk to people about the shero’s journey, I notice a frequent misconception that only the truly tragic incidents count. The near-death bouts with cancer; the violent assault; or like it was for my friend, Hollye, the burning to the ground of her home, with her business, her every possession, and her animals inside.

But the truth is, much “smaller,” less violent incidents put us on the path as well: the surprise divorce following 20 years of marriage; a series of minor injuries; being laid off or even just constant unpleasantness at work.

It’s also untrue that only hardship moves us forward. It’s most often true because we humans are stubborn creatures mostly asleep to what is good and magical in our lives! But sometimes we get it, like the woman who’s suitcase was miraculously returned, or another who was given the opportunity of a lifetime and suddenly realized her previous world view was inaccurate, unsupportive, and ripe for transformation.

All of these experiences can wake us up to that which is misaligned in our lives, can alert us to the need to correct course. They can point us in the direction of our true purpose and give us the courage and determination to move toward it.

But sometimes, we miss the signal. Or we get the message but don’t know what to change or how to go about it.

And we are left, sometimes for many years after, feeling disoriented and unmoored, unable to really land, and therefore unable to take flight.

This is what happens when we are caught between stories, between the version of our lives and selves that used to fit, that was familiar and understood before circumstance welcomed us onto the shero’s journey, and the new version, which is ALWAYS more inspired, better aligned, and more fulfilling, even though we often can’t see what it looks like until we are there.

So what do we need? How do we position ourselves to receive the benefits (which we certainly deserve considering how yucky the catalyst often feels!)?

1. Conscious release of the old story — this feels superfluous since we’ve often already “lost” something, but failing to examine and release what doesn’t fit keeps us super stuck. Plus, we often don’t even see what’s become outmoded. It takes a bit of investigation. (And it’s not as painful or hard as you’re thinking. Done well, this is gloriously healing — uplifting and nourishing.)

2. Time and space to listen and conceive the new — an utterly joyous process if done with the right support. Without that support, it’s easy to remain lost and confused.

3. Initiation into the new — a completely overlooked part of the process that energizes us and gives us the confidence and energy to move forward. You’ll be amazed by the power surge, usually greater than anything we’ve ever experienced.

This, exactly, is what the group Shero’s Retreat is designed to provide, in a peaceful, joyous, and nourishing setting.

If you’ve been lingering between stories, what might it do for you to be thoroughly supported? Can you even imagine what your life would look like? Or how it would feel?

This is my invitation to dream.

It might feel dangerous. But this is courage worth finding. You and your life are worth it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more to support you. Until then, holding you in the sweetest of spaces.




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Schooled by a blue jay

Have you ever had the feeling that what you are seeing is specifically for you?

Last month I packed up my car, snuggled my family, and took a drive that included rolling hills and majestic oaks, a squadron of pelicans flying loose in formation, swooping hawks, and ocean vistas. One after another, the beauties arrived; and every mile out of LA, I could feel my soul feeding deeper and deeper. But none of those sites was “meant” for me.

I arrived a few hours later at the Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort in Central California to meet a client for her Shero’s Retreat. Getting out of the car, I could smell the clean of the ocean just a few miles away and the vague scent of sulphur from the springs on the hill. And, of course, there were the trees — giant sycamores — that filled my heart with glee.

All together, this was nourishment I didn’t know I needed. To be in this place, about to do this work, was setting my soul on fire. (I shouldn’t have been surprised, of course. That is what it feels like to be living right smack on purpose. But it surprised me anyway.)

What was especially exciting is that I knew my client would soon be feeling the same way. My sense of nourishment, activation, and alignment was, I knew, a preemptive reflection. Wheeling over the bridge to my room, under the arms of the sycamores now so close, my lungs felt huge and I was flooded with peace.

My first morning in the trees (for that’s what it was — a room in the tree tops), I went out on my deck and found a blue jay (a scrub jay, actually). It was sitting atop the lattice above my mineral springs tub and looking right at me.

I froze for a moment.

I have exactly zero relationship with blue jays. I have what I would call “power animals” in my life, but jays are not even remotely among them. I don’t often see jays and, when I do, they don’t command my attention or otherwise impress themselves upon me.

This jay was different. This jay was waiting for me.

“Hmm,” I said to the bird. “Hello.”

The jay hopped down from the lattice onto the railing of the deck, closer to me.

“Yes,” I said, “I see you. Standing there.”

The jay hopped a bit on the railing, still looking at me.

“You’re hard to miss, staring at me.”

He flew to the edge of the roof over my bedroom, pecked a bit, then flew back to the lattice, then back to the rail.

“Are you looking for food, you little thief?” I asked in my most affectionate voice. Power animal or not, jays are notorious thieves.

“Well, I’m sorry to say I’ve not yet had breakfast, so you’re out of luck.”

He hopped onto the table as if to see for himself.

“You’re a confident bird,” I marveled. “Someone’s been feeding you, haven’t they?”

He continued to hop around, going about his business checking this spot and that, pecking, listening, looking at me. Then he flew off and I went inside to prepare for the day’s adventures. But the next day, and every day, sometimes more than once a day, there he’d be.

And the more he showed up, without ever getting food for his efforts, the more I felt he was there for me. A messenger (or message) in the shape of a bird.

I had a good friend a million years ago who had a deep relationship with the creatures of the world. She’d been trained by a Native American shaman and I loved the way she received teachings from nearly every encounter with a living thing. I learned a lot from her, and it made me sensitive to the “medicine” of animals. But the jay had me stumped.

The only thing I knew about jays was that they steal things, and that when we were kids, my sister gave string cheese to a jay we called Cheeser who, understandably, frequented our yard.

I didn’t think this blue jay’s appearance had anything to do with my sister or cheese, and when I wondered about stealing (was I committing some “theft” or allowing a theft to be committed against me?) I came up blank. Surely I wasn’t being counseled to become a thief.

On the last day of the retreat, after a powerful ritual the night before helping my client give conscious death to her outmoded self and stunning birth to her nearly empowered self, I was lounging in my mineral tub. We’d finished the last of our day’s work, and closed our retreat with a lovely completion ceremony. My client was in the spa getting her massage, and I was allowing the trees and the water to help me integrate all the magic we’d created and replenish my stores. Who do you think showed up?

He landed on the lattice, nearly hanging himself off the edge to look at me.

“What is it with you?” I asked with some exasperation.

He bounced a bit, hopped on top of the lattice, looked around, then swung himself under to see me.

We communed a bit longer as I felt the now VERY familiar feeling he was there for me and, when he finally flew away, I reached for my phone. (I was dying to do it when he first landed, but it seemed a bit rude, the bird being there for me and all!)

“Blue jay medicine” I typed into Google.

Roughly quoted: Jay’s gifts include understanding how to use power wisely, being in the eternal now, fearlessness, resourcefulness, and adaptability using the least effort possible. When Blue Jay Medicine grabs your attention it is asking you to embrace your God-given assets. If jay has flown into your life, this may be a signal that you are coming into a time where you can help the inherent wisdom that lies within you (within us all!) to mature. Blue Jay’s message is about embracing life to the fullest wherever you land and pursuing that which you love at all times.

It couldn’t have been a more timely message.

As the retreat had proceeded through its moments — tentatively setting intentions, entrusting fears to the fertile earth, telling stories over dinner, soaking in the healing waters, feeling wounds be washed clean, setting stronger intentions, feeling the power rise, offering limitations to the flame, creating a vision for the future, allowing deep purpose to emerge, gleefully engaging new skills, laughing, and dancing, and eating great food, telling more stories, asking good questions, activating the vision, feeling new strength, and generally having a ball –I could feel myself expanding right along with my client. The more she released old beliefs and agreements, the more powerless my beliefs and agreements became. The more she embraced her creative power, the more creativity I felt. The deeper she stepped into her purpose, the deeper I stepped into mine.

This, too, should not have surprised me. It is ALWAYS this way.

But this retreat was different. It was as if some splinter of hesitation had been lodged under my skin, some ancient caution that caused me to limit how many retreats I would do, or how thoroughly I would embrace my role as healer and guide. But then blue jay appeared. And before I even knew what it meant, I was receiving the medicine:

Time to embrace your God-given assets. Time to let your inherent wisdom mature. Embrace life to the fullest and do that which you love at all times.

Sitting in the warm waters, the sun shining and the sycamores all around me, I knew it was time to let out all the stops on the Shero’s Retreat, all the stops on me. Blue jay had spoken, and it wasn’t about stealing cheese.

So I’ll be offering additional private retreats this year, and most immediately, I’m so pleased to announce the first ever group Shero’s Retreat, where the old story ends and your new story begins. I’ll talk more about it in the coming days, but if you want to take a look right away (it’s worth it; there’s a $1,000 savings for early registration!), you can check it out here.

Meantime, keep looking for the messengers in your life. Something as simple as a blue jay could lead you home, back to your self, in a dramatic way.

Blue jay medicine sources: here and here.

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