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The story that turned my son away from TV

Sitting down to dinner the other day, Aidan asked if he could watch TV while he ate. “Nope,” I said, with the casualness warranted by a question we both know he knows the answer to. “Whyyyyyyyyyyy?” Not that I hadn’t … Continue reading

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The oatmeal is always greener

I’m serving clients this week, receiving and crafting their stories, so my mind is a little preoccupied when it comes to writing my own. So… I pulled this one from the archive of my first blog… The one I shared … Continue reading

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Life got “brutiful”

So, last week I posted a story about being at a networking event and rediscovering (duh!) the mighty connective power of our personal stories. Did you catch it? Well, it caused quite a stir. Lots of comments and excitement, from … Continue reading

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You, me and the Green Ninja…. We’re all the same

My son has a new toy. It’s a Lego set from the Ninjago series and he’s not put it down since building it. He takes it in the car on the way to school. He takes it into the tub. … Continue reading

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Four words for your 17 year-old self

What the hell were we talking about?? Aidan was home sick all last week and Dean was swamped with work, so I put most everything aside to be with Aidan. Then I got slammed with the same cold he had … Continue reading

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