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If you were facing amputation….

“Can I ask you something?” The question came from a man sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of a stack of children’s books at our local library. We’d acknowledged each other just moments before as I’d tried to squeeze … Continue reading


Fou year-old makes 11 loaves!

Well, today was the day: Eleven pumpkin breads baked for his teachers and staff at school. This is my little guy, age 4, workin’ his math skills and making it happen. Eleven loaves. Holy cow. We’re gearing up for our … Continue reading

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Our trip to the Sequoias — 2012

For the last ten years, Dean and I have made an annual trip to the Sequoia National Forest. It started a few months after I was injured, when a Chinese medical doctor recommended we go. We fell in love with … Continue reading


Opening for His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Last week, I had the greatest dream. Aidan and I were visiting the campus of UCI, my undergraduate alma mater. I was walking on the grounds, pushing him in a stroller, when someone ran up to me and breathlessly asked … Continue reading


Spin, Mama, spin

Aidan has gotten into dancing recently. I couldn’t be more thrilled, of course. When he hears music he likes, he plants his feet and sort of bounces in place. It’s not particularly expressive at this stage but no matter. He … Continue reading