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Happy Birthday, Aidan

This is my son, Aidan. He was born on October 13, 2010, so last week was his first birthday. He’s a big boy now. It took us 15 months to get pregnant and I was incapacitated for about 4/5 of … Continue reading


“Good Girl”

When Aidan was first born and we were all staying at my mom’s, she used to tease us that Aidan’s first words would be “good girl.” Why? Because we say it about a hundred times a day. Reba was trained … Continue reading

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The Grass Right Here Is Just Fine

It’s amazing how early it starts. The other day, Aidan was sitting with me on the couch. He had access to three of his favorite toys, a clear, plastic cup, all the other toys inside his toy bag, the toy … Continue reading

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Blink, Blink

All we wanted was a little time together. OK. A little sexy time. But that doesn’t seem like too much to ask for a happily married couple. Unless… … they have a baby. Last night, Aidan went to sleep like … Continue reading

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One Problem Solved…

… and the rest topple like dominoes. Yesterday, I picked up a Baby Bjorn carrier from a friend of ours. She hated it, so it came to us in terrific condition, sporty in red and black (because how it looks … Continue reading

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