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Called out by a dream

I woke up early Sunday morning from a sexy dream. The details don’t matter (“Wait, no. Details! We want DETAILS!!” ;)… What does matter is what I noticed. The moment I was conscious, it struck me how available I was for the … Continue reading

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It’s finally here! — Starting on the Shero’s Path

Today’s the day — The Big Reveal! (Toot-to-to-toot!) (Seriously, where is a trumpet when you need one?) And in the fanfare… all I can think about is YOU. Lying in bed last night, with the rain pouring and the wind howling, … Continue reading

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Permission to believe — Spinal cord injury breakthrough

I wanted to take a minute to comment on the new spinal cord injury research that was published this week, and specifically on what it means for me, personally. Over the 12 years I’ve been injured, caring people have periodically … Continue reading


Why Diana Nyad matters

In about an hour, my husband is going to wake up from a nap with our son and be totally shocked to see that his innocuous Facebook post set off all this commentary. But it did. So here we go. … Continue reading


Our trip to the Sequoias — 2012

For the last ten years, Dean and I have made an annual trip to the Sequoia National Forest. It started a few months after I was injured, when a Chinese medical doctor recommended we go. We fell in love with … Continue reading