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What happens inside — The alchemy of telling our stories

Dean and I were crossing paths in the kitchen the other day and I found myself trying to explain what happens when people tell their stories. It’s something I’m very passionate about (I bet you guessed that!) but I often … Continue reading

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I’m doing what scares me most… For Prince

Yesterday, like about a million other people, I was stunned to hear that Prince had died, and it’s hitting me pretty powerfully. It’s not really about fandom. I do love a great deal of his music, but I never went … Continue reading


A Woman of Influence

If you and I are Facebook friends, you might have heard that I was nominated for an award a few weeks ago. It’s a cool story actually. I was out in my neighborhood walking the dog and having a little … Continue reading

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“Balance” is king — Or is it?

It’s the beginning of spring… technically, anyway. Truth is, it’s been spring in Los Angeles since the start of February. So I have to say, I feel a little discombobulated. This is made only worse by the start of Daylight Savings … Continue reading

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You, me and the Green Ninja…. We’re all the same

My son has a new toy. It’s a Lego set from the Ninjago series and he’s not put it down since building it. He takes it in the car on the way to school. He takes it into the tub. … Continue reading

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