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I was almost kicked out of honors English (or… The dangerous dance with “unearned” support)

Last week, Cheri wanted to reach out to everyone who supported her campaign and found that she was having trouble. Words were scarce, emotions jumbled, and her gratitude, which had been soaring, was suddenly fighting for lift against a thousand … Continue reading

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We did it!! And I’m having trouble believing.

Last night, about 7pm California time, the campaign to help Cheri beat cancer reached its $5500 goal. Done. Finished. Final. Complete. Hallelujah! We were celebrating quite joyously this morning over on the campaign page, so you can check that out … Continue reading

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Terrific news and a gorgeous dream — Update on Cheri’s fight with cancer

OK, folks, I have amazing news: First, Cheri’s last scan failed to detect ANY cancer in her body!! Woo HOOOO!!! Isn’t that fantastic? We are absolutely over the moon!! Doctors are still baffled by Cheri’s powerful recovery and feel it’s too early … Continue reading

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Dodging bullets in my head

I went into the bedroom the other morning, feeling pretty happy. Dean was taking Aidan to school, the house was quiet, and I was thinking about a blog post I wanted to write. I tossed my clothes onto the bed, … Continue reading


Participating in triumph: Cheri — a shero rising

The time has come. Yesterday, I launched a campaign to raise money for a shero named Cheri. She’s fighting for her literal life and I’m in a position to help her but I need a lot of support. So I gathered … Continue reading

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