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In awe of her courage

Last week, a woman named Cheri reached out to me after participating in the virtual, mini Shero’s Retreat. Her story was powerful. She recently became aware of great fraud in her marriage. Put simply (and without revelatory detail), her husband is … Continue reading


Called out by a dream

I woke up early Sunday morning from a sexy dream. The details don’t matter (“Wait, no. Details! We want DETAILS!!” ;)… What does matter is what I noticed. The moment I was conscious, it struck me how available I was for the … Continue reading

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Too juicy to stop. We’re doing another free, mini Shero’s Retreat

It’s an amazing thing that happens when women come together, in real time, to create change.  I’m still riding the waves of last Saturday’s mini, virtual Shero’s Retreat. And apparently, I’m not the only one: “I am so grateful for the retreat. … Continue reading

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How would it feel to take back your power?

I was talking yesterday with a good friend about her recent divorce, specifically, what she needed most when it was all unfolding. And one of the things she said was, “Stability.” You can imagine it, right? A situation you don’t expect … Continue reading

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A FREE, virtual, mini Shero’s Retreat this weekend, for you

I said I’d be back today with more to support you in dissolving the outmoded story of your life and birthing a more purposeful and satisfying version. And what I’ve got is so über juicy, I can hardly sit still. But first, I … Continue reading

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