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Is yours a shero’s journey? And how can you benefit?

The doorways come in all different shapes: For one, it was a case of spots. All over her body, arriving in one day like a mischievous fairy had gleefully painted her while she unknowingly slept. They looked god-awful but they didn’t … Continue reading

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I woke the beast

Well, the last 48 hours have been an interesting ride, to put it both gently and optimistically. Here’s what happened: On Saturday morning, I did the Q&A call for The Shero’s Way — Starting on the Shero’s Path. It was … Continue reading

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It’s finally here! — Starting on the Shero’s Path

Today’s the day — The Big Reveal! (Toot-to-to-toot!) (Seriously, where is a trumpet when you need one?) And in the fanfare… all I can think about is YOU. Lying in bed last night, with the rain pouring and the wind howling, … Continue reading

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Are you a Frodo too? (A Thanksgiving memory)

Thanksgiving twelve years ago, I was in a rehab hospital in Colorado learning how to manage my freshly paralyzed body. Because spinal cord injury rehab is a long process (at least when it’s done right) and my specialty hospital encouraged and … Continue reading

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When the dog eats your glasses…

So Dean, Aidan, Reba and I are in Maryland visiting Dean’s family. Good god, it’s cold here. I don’t actually own clothes for this kind of weather (why would I, living in a place where fall means low 70s?!). So … Continue reading

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