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Is life happening TO you?

So. What’s up with this Shero’s Way thing? Honestly, I’ve been asking myself the same thing. My work of the last two decades is coalescing so quickly, I can hardly keep up. And I’m not exactly sure where to start … Continue reading

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Feel like a failure? Me, too!

Arguably, the time to write a blog post is NOT after two amaretto sours (a “girly” drink my husband had no trouble helping me drink — totally delish!). However, now is the moment I am inspired to write and since … Continue reading

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Notes on September 11

At this moment, I’m riding in a luxury town car through the green hills of rural Pennsylvania. I’m on my way to Kutztown University where I’ve been invited to speak. It’s September 11. When I got the call from my … Continue reading


Why Diana Nyad matters

In about an hour, my husband is going to wake up from a nap with our son and be totally shocked to see that his innocuous Facebook post set off all this commentary. But it did. So here we go. … Continue reading


Think your story isn’t powerful enough? Think again.

So, my story has gotten a lot of visibility this week. I’ve been all over Facebook with it, promoting my upcoming free teleseminar for purpose’preneurs. I performed a piece of it last night at a storytelling salon, along with my … Continue reading