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Opening the cage

I’m completely shocked to see it’s been nearly two months since I’ve posted. Yikes. I knew it had been awhile but two months?? Wow. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve missed you. I’ve been really distracted by other … Continue reading


Dancing at the Shame Prom — the power of telling our stories

Almost everything these past few weeks has been eclipsed by the writing of a single essay. I don’t recall ever having so much trouble writing something. Maybe my first term paper in high school, but surely nothing since. What a … Continue reading


Call me an expert?

I was recently challenged to call myself an expert at crafting one’s personal story into a compelling talk or performance. And I had an unexpected and surprisingly intense response. It felt like my internal organs collectively turned inside out. Curious, … Continue reading


Spin, Mama, spin

Aidan has gotten into dancing recently. I couldn’t be more thrilled, of course. When he hears music he likes, he plants his feet and sort of bounces in place. It’s not particularly expressive at this stage but no matter. He … Continue reading


Take that, fear!

I went to my first networking event tonight. My first ever. It’s hard to imagine I’ve gotten to this place in my professional life without having ever done something like this. Tells you something about the way I’ve conceived (or … Continue reading