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A Woman of Influence

If you and I are Facebook friends, you might have heard that I was nominated for an award a few weeks ago. It’s a cool story actually. I was out in my neighborhood walking the dog and having a little … Continue reading

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The ant and the boot

Next week, I’m going to do something that scares me half to death. In a nutshell: The shero’s journey of a former client (you might remember Cheri) has taken a very dark turn. She’s been given a cancer diagnosis and … Continue reading


Need a laugh about “worthless, unworthy, and not good enough?”

I am a PIECE OF WORK! This week, I’ve been resisting all good things in the name of being “worthless, unworthy, and not good enough.” Sound familiar? Well, it finally broke in hilarious fashion by, of all things, embracing fully my attachment … Continue reading

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Some sweetness for your soul — Message from Guan Yin

Many years ago, I knew a man. We weren’t exactly obvious friends but, because the universe works that way sometimes, we became close. Our friendship was complicated, a source of great comfort and also great pain. I wanted for him every goodness in the … Continue reading

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Roar! — Welcoming Sekhmet

I have a new Goddess on my altar — Sekhmet, from the Egyptian pantheon. I was speaking at the Goddess Temple of Orange County a few weeks ago and met Candace C. Kant and Anne Key, who had just released … Continue reading