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In honor of a “fake” holiday

When I first met Dean, he absolutely hated Valentine’s Day. Imagine spitting-mad, vehement disgust and multiply that by three or four. I wasn’t his girlfriend at the time so it didn’t really matter, but it did seem a shocking amount … Continue reading

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The Quickening

I went outside this morning with Reba-girl and discovered the most beautiful, spring day. Sunny and warm, with that kind of freshness that only hangs around in spring. It’s a bit early, of course. I’m pretty sure our trees are … Continue reading

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Fou year-old makes 11 loaves!

Well, today was the day: Eleven pumpkin breads baked for his teachers and staff at school. This is my little guy, age 4, workin’ his math skills and making it happen. Eleven loaves. Holy cow. We’re gearing up for our … Continue reading

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Are you a Frodo too? (A Thanksgiving memory)

Thanksgiving twelve years ago, I was in a rehab hospital in Colorado learning how to manage my freshly paralyzed body. Because spinal cord injury rehab is a┬álong process (at least when it’s done right) and my specialty hospital encouraged and … Continue reading

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What I’m most thankful for

You know, there was a time when I would have had a huge list of gratitudes on this day: my health, my family, my opportunities, my friends…. And it’s not that I’m NOT grateful for those things. I certainly am. … Continue reading

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