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The oatmeal is always greener

I’m serving clients this week, receiving and crafting their stories, so my mind is a little preoccupied when it comes to writing my own. So… I pulled this one from the archive of my first blog… The one I shared … Continue reading

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I’m doing what scares me most… For Prince

Yesterday, like about a million other people, I was stunned to hear that Prince had died, and it’s hitting me pretty powerfully. It’s not really about fandom. I do love a great deal of his music, but I never went … Continue reading


Life got “brutiful”

So, last week I posted a story about being at a networking event and rediscovering (duh!) the mighty connective power of our personal stories. Did you catch it? Well, it caused quite a stir. Lots of comments and excitement, from … Continue reading

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What I see in Charleston — a Shero perspective

This morning, I delivered an address about what I see in Charleston from the Shero perspective. You can listen at the link below. What I want more than anything is for the nine lives lost, and the countless more shattered, in … Continue reading


Good-bye to our first home

Standing outside the building, handing a check to the painter who whited out our beautiful, faux-finished walls was the last step in moving out of our old place. Nothing left now but to say good-bye. To the bedroom, in which … Continue reading