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Feel like a failure? Me, too!

Arguably, the time to write a blog post is NOT after two amaretto sours (a “girly” drink my husband had no trouble helping me drink — totally delish!). However, now is the moment I am inspired to write and since … Continue reading

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Permission to believe — Spinal cord injury breakthrough

I wanted to take a minute to comment on the new spinal cord injury research that was published this week, and specifically on what it means for me, personally. Over the 12 years I’ve been injured, caring people have periodically … Continue reading


I’m coming out…

Oct 4, 2013 — 1:08 AM In my spiritual tradition, fall marks the harvest season…. A time to consciously take stock of everything life has brought in the previous year. In my personal practice, the wholeness of that honoring is … Continue reading


Meningioma and me — part 6

(If you’re just joining this story now, you might want to start at the beginning. You can find previous chapters here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.) “You have a non-invasive option and you’ll get to … Continue reading

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Notes on September 11

At this moment, I’m riding in a luxury town car through the green hills of rural Pennsylvania. I’m on my way to Kutztown University where I’ve been invited to speak. It’s September 11. When I got the call from my … Continue reading