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Meningioma and me — part 5

A few days after our meeting with Dr. King, I was in the kitchen with Dean when, quite suddenly, it hit me: Losing the hearing in my right ear wasn’t acceptable. In fact, it was quite decidedly¬†unacceptable. Somehow in Dr. … Continue reading

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Honoring the ugly door — Giving adversity its due

I’ve been hearing a lot about gratitude these days. Normal, right? Thanksgiving inspires us and we’re posting, tweeting, blogging, talking about the things we’re grateful for. I love it. Gratitude brings warmth to our lives, and in its glow, everything … Continue reading


Our trip to the Sequoias — 2012

For the last ten years, Dean and I have made an annual trip to the Sequoia National Forest. It started a few months after I was injured, when a Chinese medical doctor recommended we go. We fell in love with … Continue reading


Opening for His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Last week, I had the greatest dream. Aidan and I were visiting the campus of UCI, my undergraduate alma mater. I was walking on the grounds, pushing him in a stroller, when someone ran up to me and breathlessly asked … Continue reading


Remembering Joan Purvis

I first met my mother-in-law on paper. I was in a hospital in Colorado having just broken my back. She and Dean’s father, Ed, sent me a care package. I remember there was a teddy bear and a lovely card, … Continue reading