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Message from Guan Yin: a poem for comfort

In the spring of 2002, my theater company mounted a new play called Red Thread. In it, I played the Goddess, Guan Yin (aka Kwan Yin). It was the last production I did on my feet and, in fact, the … Continue reading


Lessons from a cheesecake

Today, I took on cheesecake. First I should say that I woke up this morning thinking, YEA! It’s a cooking day. That’s me in a nutshell. Not much more to say, really. I’ve always loved to cook. I learned how … Continue reading

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Remembering Ron Brown

When I was in sixth grade, I had a Social Studies teacher named Ron Brown. He was, hands down, the best teacher I ever had. He was that rare and effective combination of highly engaging educator, firm and fair disciplinarian, … Continue reading


Stand Clear — Rampage In Progress

Look. Out. And get out of the way. I’ve been on a rampage. The best possible kind — shedding, organizing, cleaning up the disaster zone we’ve been generously calling our home. Although the place is technically pretty clean thanks to … Continue reading


A delicious, decidedly NOT quiet Sunday

When Dean and I got married, my friend, Andy, gave us a truly unique gift. It was a small, wooden box, filled with about two dozen, individually wrapped little treasures, each with a blessing, prompt, or timely reminder and a … Continue reading

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