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Ten years paralyzed – A wild, wrenching, wondrous ride

Today is the 10-year anniversary of my fall. It’s weird. I feel a very strange mix of emotions. On the one-hand, it feels surreal. There was a time when I didn’t think we’d ever hit this milestone, when I was … Continue reading


Spin, Mama, spin

Aidan has gotten into dancing recently. I couldn’t be more thrilled, of course. When he hears music he likes, he plants his feet and sort of bounces in place. It’s not particularly expressive at this stage but no matter. He … Continue reading


The Lethal Toilet Seat

(This post pulled from the pregnancy chronicles.) I swear public bathrooms are going to be the death of me. Last weekend, Dean and I snuck past my pregnancy yuck to catch a movie. Before you get excited thinking I must … Continue reading


My chair has dreadlocks

I thought he’d NEVER go to sleep! Aidan used to nap every 3 hours. Then it stretched to more like four. But the last few days, he’s routinely been going five. His dad and I are slow to adjust, still … Continue reading


Shoe stories

Yesterday, Aidan and I took Reba out for a pee in the morning. It was a beautiful day, not yet too hot but warm enough to be in short-sleeves, and sunny. We wandered up the block to Reba’s favorite spot … Continue reading