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Nine years paralyzed and still saying Yes

Today is the nine-year anniversary of the fall that paralyzed me. It’s been an unpredictable day in the past. The first year felt so momentous I could hardly breathe all day. The second was utterly, and surprisingly, glorious. We went … Continue reading


Transfer Awry

Tonight was one of those nights I’m reminded just how legitimately vulnerable I am. Dean was out enjoying a whisky tasting hosted by his best friend. My mother had left about an hour earlier, and Aidan and I were getting … Continue reading


Curling Anyone?

I wrote this earlier this year on my private blog, but it’s such a good introduction to Dean, I thought I’d post it for you. For as long as I’ve known him, Dean has been fascinated — well, maybe obsessed … Continue reading

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Ask Me Something Simpler

Had to get up at 6am this morning. Even in the best of circumstances, that’s the middle of the night, as far as I’m concerned. And I had trouble falling asleep last night. Ugh… Bad day. Before heading out the … Continue reading

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One Problem Solved…

… and the rest topple like dominoes. Yesterday, I picked up a Baby Bjorn carrier from a friend of ours. She hated it, so it came to us in terrific condition, sporty in red and black (because how it looks … Continue reading

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