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A Woman of Influence

If you and I are Facebook friends, you might have heard that I was nominated for an award a few weeks ago. It’s a cool story actually. I was out in my neighborhood walking the dog and having a little … Continue reading

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In honor of a “fake” holiday

When I first met Dean, he absolutely hated Valentine’s Day. Imagine spitting-mad, vehement disgust and multiply that by three or four. I wasn’t his girlfriend at the time so it didn’t really matter, but it did seem a shocking amount … Continue reading

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When the dog eats your glasses…

So Dean, Aidan, Reba and I are in Maryland visiting Dean’s family. Good god, it’s cold here. I don’t actually own clothes for this kind of weather (why would I, living in a place where fall means low 70s?!). So … Continue reading

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Today is for Reba

As I’m working hard to make time to write every day, I notice that it’s Reba who’s getting short shrift. Aidan gets the same amount of time and focus as he was getting before because there isn’t another option. And … Continue reading


“Good Girl”

When Aidan was first born and we were all staying at my mom’s, she used to tease us that Aidan’s first words would be “good girl.” Why? Because we say it about a hundred times a day. Reba was trained … Continue reading

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