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A hefty dose of magic

I’ve just returned from the Shero’s Retreat. My family met me for a sweet reunion and mini retreat of our own, then I woke this morning to rain and thunder — in July!! And now, with the skies grey and the … Continue reading

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Exciting things coming up (and a Shero who needs your love)

I started my morning with such a juicy meditation today! I’ve been hanging out at my local Center for Spiritual Living, and it’s really energizing my meditation and prayer practice. It’s such an uplifting and nourishing way to begin the day. And … Continue reading

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We are L O U S Y at valuing ourselves

This past week marked the beginning of my son’s summer vacation. He doesn’t really get what that means yet; he’s only four and went to school only a few mornings a week last year. But I’m excited on his behalf. To … Continue reading

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In awe of her courage

Last week, a woman named Cheri reached out to me after participating in the virtual, mini Shero’s Retreat. Her story was powerful. She recently became aware of great fraud in her marriage. Put simply (and without revelatory detail), her husband is … Continue reading


Some sweetness for your soul — Message from Guan Yin

Many years ago, I knew a man. We weren’t exactly obvious friends but, because the universe works that way sometimes, we became close. Our friendship was complicated, a source of great comfort and also great pain. I wanted for him every goodness in the … Continue reading

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