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Dodging bullets in my head

I went into the bedroom the other morning, feeling pretty happy. Dean was taking Aidan to school, the house was quiet, and I was thinking about a blog post I wanted to write. I tossed my clothes onto the bed, … Continue reading


A friend’s cancer diagnosis brings new meaning to the Shero’s Journey

I found out yesterday that a dear friend has been diagnosed with cancer. Uuph. And it’s got me thinking deeply about the Shero’s Journey. Whether you are living with a heavy diagnosis…. Or someone close to you is… On today’s show, … Continue reading

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This pre-injury photo exploded my Facebook page, and brought back the magic of my fall

A few days ago, I was clearing out my desk and stumbled on this photo: That’s me, from a professional shoot in support of my acting career, taken a few months before I was paralyzed. The photo brought up some very … Continue reading

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A hefty dose of magic

I’ve just returned from the Shero’s Retreat. My family met me for a sweet reunion and mini retreat of our own, then I woke this morning to rain and thunder — in July!! And now, with the skies grey and the … Continue reading

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Need a laugh about “worthless, unworthy, and not good enough?”

I am a PIECE OF WORK! This week, I’ve been resisting all good things in the name of being “worthless, unworthy, and not good enough.” Sound familiar? Well, it finally broke in hilarious fashion by, of all things, embracing fully my attachment … Continue reading

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