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“Balance” is king — Or is it?

It’s the beginning of spring… technically, anyway. Truth is, it’s been spring in Los Angeles since the start of February. So I have to say, I feel a little discombobulated. This is made only worse by the start of Daylight Savings … Continue reading

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The Quickening

I went outside this morning with Reba-girl and discovered the most beautiful, spring day. Sunny and warm, with that kind of freshness that only hangs around in spring. It’s a bit early, of course. I’m pretty sure our trees are … Continue reading

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I’m coming out…

Oct 4, 2013 — 1:08 AM In my spiritual tradition, fall marks the harvest season…. A time to consciously take stock of everything life has brought in the previous year. In my personal practice, the wholeness of that honoring is … Continue reading


Solstice celebration

Yesterday was the winter solstice. We observed, actually, on Tuesday because that’s when I thought it was when I put it in the calendar and the calendar is king. But even still tonight, I am taking time to sit in, … Continue reading

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Like a bridge over troubled water

My friend, Calm Mama, at The Calm Before the Stork commented that while there is momentum in blog posting everyday, there is also momentum in NOT posting. So true. If you doubt it, look at my posting schedule for December. … Continue reading

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