The Shero’s Retreat

One week for one woman to claim her true power and purpose

There is a woman who knows in her heart there is something more for her, more for her life. She hardly dares admit it sometimes, but a purpose is calling her. And, as hard as she’s been trying, she can’t quite figure out what it is or how to manifest it. She’s been moving slowly closer to it for years but always something gets in the way — work, family obligations, fear, confusion, lack of time or energy or money. And the truth is it’s slowly killing her to live outside that purpose. She’s not always aware of it, but in those quiet moments, first thing in the morning, before bed, she can feel it — the quiet ache, the depression, the self-esteem battered and bruised, maybe her back hurts a lot or there’s another chronic pain, maybe it’s the pain of having to begin again and again and again, the fear that she’ll never arrive no matter how hard she tries.

This is what I know:

We’ve all been through stuff. Hard times, painful challenges. And we came through it. Just like I came through being paralyzed. And while we were getting through it, we were learning a ton.

Well, facing those challenges, learning, and getting through them, was the first 2/3 of our shero’s journey.

But in order to complete the journey, we have to bring back what we learned. We have to share our wisdom and expertise so our people, our tribes, our communities can learn and grow too. That’s what it means to live your soul’s purpose. That’s the mission we’ve been called to fulfill.

Well, a lot of people get stuck either during or after the first 2/3 of the journey. They feel a deep sense of purpose but can’t quite get both feet on the ground. They feel confused or scared or just plain lost.

What’s missing are two thingsa sacred container that allows us to put ourselves first, find our ground, and mine our experience for the details of our service; and a process of being initiated into our new selves, our shero selves: confident, clear, and ready to step fully into our brilliance and fulfill our soul’s mission.

So my own soul has directed me to offer this, to that one woman, to you…

The Shero’s Retreat:
A five-day power journey to clarify your soul’s purpose, be initiated onto your Divine path, and activate your unique mission on Earth.

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Intended results:
Get clear on your purpose, that mission you came to this life to fulfill
* Release and transform your most persistent and ornery obstacles
Claim your true power as the creator of your life
*And activate your soul’s purpose so you can return home and begin, in earnest, living the “no regrets” life you came here to live

Our week together ends with a ritual ceremony to give conscious death to the old you, and give glorious birth to the empowered, fully activated you, a shero ready to shine and serve.

Benefits you can expect (according to past clients):
Confidence “like you’ve never experienced”
* Deep relief, “knowing what I’m here to do and feeling empowered to choose and follow through!”
* “So much more energy and motivation”
* “Huge boost in self-worth
* “Synchronicities just keep happening. There’s much more ease now.”
* “It improved my relationship with my kids AND my boyfriend”
* “My depression is gone

The Shero’s Retreat includes:
* Four nights in a luxurious, private suite at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort in Central California
* Unlimited healing hot springs to release and renew
* Gourmet, local, organic food and juices to cleanse and purify
* A spa treatment of your choosing for healing and integration
Intuitive movement to bring you into your body’s wisdom
Guided meditation to bridge the gap between your current self and your shero self
Sacred storytelling to mine your experience for clues about your purpose
* And world-class, private coaching to identify your soul’s purpose and prepare you to fulfill it.

If you know in your heart you’re here for a purpose, and it’s time to stop waiting and wondering, this is for you.

Apply today to speak with me about your soul’s purpose and the Shero’s Retreat.

You DO have a mission. And You CAN fulfill it. Don’t let another minute go by. Apply today.

About Lyena Strelkoff:

Lyena Strelkoff is a storyteller, shero, and soul schoolteacher.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Development and has more than 20 years experience facilitating transformative experiences for women.

Her shero’s journey began 12 years ago when she fell out of a tree she was climbing for fun and was paralyzed from the waist down. Lyena knew instinctually that her own soul had led her to that moment in order to correct the course of her life and guide her to her true purpose. When she got out of the hospital two months later, she vowed never again to work or live outside her soul’s purpose.

Today, she fulfills her mission by speaking and performing around the country, sharing the wisdom of her sacred journey, and helping women to fulfill their own destiny as dictated by their unique shero’s story. Lyena lives to empower others to shine at their full radiance and fulfill their deepest purpose.

She is married to the love of her life; is Mama to a beautiful little boy; and loves funky, female power pop and ecstatic dancing. She is grateful to be alive and living on purpose.

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